Benefits of Gymnastics


Movement is essential for brain development and bone health. Gymnasts learn body and spatial awareness. They learn how to tighten muscles, how to stretch.

They learn co-ordination with many cross-over exercises which are critical for brain development. They are taught to use both sides of their bodies, to stretch on both sides, to cartwheel on both sides.
They learn balance, strength and flexibility, muscle endurance, all necessary for a life free of issues like back pain, etc.


Gymnasts learn how to interact with other children in a neutral, fun filled environment. They learn to take their place in a line, to wait to have their go, to give others the safe space they need to perform skills, to be aware of others when running, etc. They are taught to encourage and cheer each other, to work with a partner. Gymnastics friendships can last a lifetime. Gymnasts learn to listen to instructions, to work independently, to respect authority.


Gymnastics requires time to develop skills. It requires practice and concentration and commitment. Gymnasts learn a skill and then learn how to progress the skill, how to improve it and how to perfect it. They learn perseverance, hard work and patience. They learn “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”. Mistakes are an opportunity to learn. They see the importance of body conditioning to develop skills. They will also take the ‘love of sport’ ethic into their adult lives.


Gymnastics gives children an opportunity to learn skills they would not have the chance to do at home – to walk on a high beam, to swing on the bars, to vault, to learn somersaults, flips, etc. Children are encouraged to try a skill and praised for their effort by their coaches and other gymnasts. This spurs them on to realise that they can achieve the skill. The delight on a child’s face when they finally realise they can cartwheel or handstand, or even flip, is lovely to see. Many parents relate to coaches the difference they have seen in their child after only a few classes.

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