Child Protection

Club Statement

It is the aim of Tralee Gymnastics Club to provide children with the opportunity to experience gymnastics in a safe, happy and controlled environment where their needs are met and abilities are achieved. To this end, all adults in the club are committed to the welfare of the children in its care.

The Child Care Act 1991 and the Children First Act 2015 determine the policy and practice for child welfare. The best interests of the child are central to all policies Children should be listened to and respected. Parents and guardians have a right to have their concerns taken seriously.
The welfare of the child must come first in any conflict. Each club must appoint a Children’s Officer and a Designated Liaison Person to deal with any issues which arise.

Club Children’s Officer

The Children’s Officer for the club is Emma Bowles Shanahan, phone 0876734767

The role of the Children’s Officer is

  • to act as intermediate between the children and the adult club officials
  • to make sure all club policies are child centred
  • to ensure all activities are safe and fun
  • to ensure that children can express themselves and air any problems they have
  • to ensure best practice is maintained by the club when recruiting new personnel
  • All coaches and officials with access to children in the club must be Garda Vetted through the National Vetting Bureau. Tralee Gymnastics Club requires that vetting is redone every 4 years.

Club Designated Liaison Person

Every adult in the club who has contact with children and families is responsible for the safety of the children in the club.

It is our duty to keep them from harm and to report any suspected abuse. Any such report must go to the Designated Liaison Person.

Any report of suspected abuse, physical, mental, sexual, given to the Designated Officer will be assessed, taking into account all information, and a decision made if the report is to be carried forward to the relevant authorities.
The Club Designated Liaison person for the club is Rose Collins, phone 0879302143

Club Complaints Officer

The club’s Complaint’s Officer is John Murphy,
Phone 0872162196

The Complaints Officer will deal with any complaints against coaches, parents or children.

The Complaints Officer’s role will be to assess any situations which arise.

The aim will be to endeavour to reconcile opposing parties. If the issue continues, the policy is to give firstly, a verbal warning and then if the situation is repeated to give a written warning.

Any coach, parent or child who continues to cause offense will be removed from membership.