Three classes are held on Saturday mornings, 10.00, 11.00 and 12.00, for toddlers, age 2 to 4 years. Parents stay and are fully involved in the class and with the activities.

The class is designed to help the children improve their balance and co-ordination. It introduces them to different apparatus and allows them to become accustomed to being on different levels, e.g. upside down. It helps them to learn to grip and hold on, to hang, to jump with two feet, to do exercises which cross over the midline of the body and help with brain function. Parents learn how to support their children for basic moves, such as rolls, handstands and cartwheels. They learn skills on all the apparatus.

The children learn social skills, to interact with other children and adults, to wait in line for their turn, to listen to and follow instructions.

It is a good opportunity for children to have the undivided attention of one or both parents in a fun environment.

We have numerous classes from 5 years up to teens. Most classes are for both boys and girls. The classes are arranged by age – 5 to 8 years and Over 9 years. Within the class, gymnasts are divided into groups according to ability. Each group has its own coach/es who stay with them for the term. Children of any age can start at any time during the term if there is space in the relevant class.

During the term, these classes learn gymnastics skills on floor, beam, bars, vault, trampoline, airtrack, tumbling track, pommel horse, parallel bars and rings, along with some aerial work and balancing with partners. They progress from beginner to more advanced skills according to their ability and in their own time. Gymnasts will be offered the opportunity to move to a higher level if coaches feel it is in their best interest.

Gymnasts who show an aptitude for, and an interest in, progressing to higher levels will be offered a place in our Springboard class. From there they can progress to the High Flyers.

Gymnasts must have achieved certain skills before being offered a place in either class.

A gymnast’s attitude is also very important in order to be offered a place in the more advanced classes. The gymnast must be willing to work hard, to do conditioning and to listen to and take constructive feedback from the coaches.

Our adult class caters for teens upwards. The class is every Thursday, 7.30 to 9.00pm. Beginners to advanced are all welcome.

For beginners, some of the class time will be spent, in a structured way, on the basic skills on each apparatus and the rest of the class can be free time to explore. More advanced participants can work away at their own pace if they so wish.