Recreational Classes 9 years and over Sat 2.30 – 3.30 Girls and boys


Please be aware that gymnastics, like all sports, carries a certain amount of risk and, while every effort is made to ensure the safety of the gymnasts, injuries can occur. Your child’s attendance at training is taken as an acceptance of this possibility. Also, you need to be aware that gymnastics is a very hands-on sport, with a lot of close contact between the coach and gymnast while the coach is supporting for various moves. All jewellery must be removed for the class. Stud earrings which have just been inserted can be worn for the prescribed time but must be covered with medical tape and the child does so at their own risk. I have read and understood the preceding warning. I thoroughly appreciate and understand the assumption of risks inherent in gymnastics participation. I acknowledge that the above named is physically fit and is voluntarily participating in this activity. I have read and agree to abide by Tralee Gymnastics Club’s guidelines. (See Club section)

Note We provide personal accident insurance for each child. This is a yearly payment covering the child from September of the first year to August of the following year. This fee only applies to the first payment made in the year. The insurance is non-refundable as it is paid to the insurance providers straightaway to ensure the child concerned is insured from day one.

All payments will be made online. Your details are fully protected. The payment is made through Stripe but you don’t need to have a Stripe account to make the payment.

IIf you are enrolling more than one child, we provide a discount for the second and subsequent child. Please use the following discount codes to avail of the sibling discount. Only one discount to be used.

€20 discount for two siblings – Discount Code SECONDSIBLING
€60 discount for three siblings – Discount Code THIRDSIBLING
€90 discount for four siblings – Discount Code FOURTHSIBLING

Join Waitlist We will inform you when the there are places available in this class. The waiting list is approximately 1 year. Please enter your details.