Rules & Guidelines

The safety of our gymnasts and coaches is paramount to the running of Tralee Gymnastics Club. Every rule we have in place is geared towards this purpose. All our coaches are trained in coaching, child protection and are Garda Vetted. Tralee Gymnastics Club welcomes participation by all, regardless of colour, gender, creed or background. Participation by children with special needs is actively encouraged.

During the year, you may be entered for competitions. These should be fun. If they cause you stress or if you don’t wish to participate in them, please talk to your coaches. Competitions are not compulsory. However, they are very useful for assessing your progress. They give you a goal to work towards and also provide you with the opportunity to meet with gymnasts from other clubs. They give you an opportunity to show family and friends what you have been working on and, lastly, they’re fun.

Please be aware that gymnastics, like all sports, carries a certain amount of risk and that, while every effort is made to ensure the safety of the gymnasts and coaches, injuries can happen. Your attendance at training is taken as an acceptance of this possibility.
You need to be aware that gymnastics is a very hands-on sport, sometimes with a lot of close contact between the coach and gymnast while the coach is supporting for various moves.

Don’t hesitate to talk to your coaches if you have any problems. Above all, enjoy yourself and be safe.

For Parents

Because of Covid 19, parents and other family members are no longer allowed in the gym. (Parents of special needs children can work out an arrangement with us.) Children are dropped off at the door into the care of a coach and picked up after the class. Parents will form a circle in the yard at dropping off and picking up times.

Children should bring the minimum of belongings with them, ensuring that they have sufficient warm clothes for the cold months.
Children should have water to drink.

Shoes with Velcro straps are preferable so that we can have the gymnasts ready for collection as quickly as possible and so reduce contact.
If you have a query, please ring outside class times. These are on the website.

Do not send your child to training if they are sick or have an injury. It is not fair on the child to have to watch others participating and we do not have coaches available to look after an individual child.

This especially important while dealing with Covid 19. Feel free to call and discuss this with us, if necessary.
Please ensure that we have your most up to date contact details (phone, medical information, email or address).